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General Testimonials

SERVPRO of South Tulsa has helped keep our Customers happy and stress free with their claim process.

SERVPRO answered my late night home emergency, and were quick to arrive. I appreciated the prompt solution and reasonable prices. I refer everyone I know that has remediation needs

Great customer service and very friendly!

Very pleased with SERVPRO of South Tulsa customer service.

In 2015 Reasor’s began working closely with SERVPRO to develop protocols for disastrous situations that occur in our stores from time to time. Broken sprinkler heads are an uncommon form these disasters can take, but in every instance where we’ve utilized the services of SERVPRO, the results and outcome have been outstanding! I am a firm believer that SERVPRO can assist with such catastrophes, and they will provide clean-up solutions that would have become a significant challenge within.