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How Insurance Helps a Business Survive a Fire

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Fire alarm on wall. Whether or not a company has interruption insurance, the business always prefers to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Few events are more disruptive to a business than a fire. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association estimated that fires, both residential and commercial, resulted in more than $25 billion in property damage in 2018. It's easy for an individual fire to cause damages to property well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is vital that a company protects its assets with the right insurance coverage. A standard commercial insurance policy, interruption insurance, and extra expense coverage all play a role in safeguarding a company from a catastrophic loss. In most circumstances, the standard policy will cover much of the fire damage and its cleanup.

The Role of Business Interruption Insurance
After a fire, many companies are unable to operate for a period of time. This leaves the business without the ability to sell products and services, essentially drying up its revenue stream. At the same time, though the company is inactive, many bills keep coming. Interruption insurance helps in the following ways:

It replaces some or all of the income lost during an interruption
It continues payments for a specified period of time or until the company is operational again
It enables a company to pay bills and maintain its credit rating

Another insurance product, extra expense coverage, pays for added costs that allow a company to keep operating. These extra costs often allow a company to keep earning revenue.

The Role of Fire Restoration
Whether or not a company has interruption insurance, the business always prefers to get back to work as quickly as possible. A local fire mitigation franchise in Broken Arrow, OK, works efficiently to restore a property to good shape again. Certified technicians take care of soot and smoke damage, eliminate smoke odors, and clean and disinfect impacted surfaces. A professional team can handle all aspects of the recovery process and return the building to its owners.

How Cleanup Companies Estimate the Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

7/3/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro vehicles parked in front of a building that has had fire damage Fire damage in Leonard, OK

A commercial fire can destroy both equipment inside your property and the building itself. Thankfully, fire restoration professionals in Leonard, OK, are available to help with the cleanup.
How much you will pay for this service depends on the extent of the fire damage. When the restoration experts arrive at your property, they will probably give you an estimate for the cost of repairs.

Getting a Bid

There are several steps in the restoration process, each of which have their own related expenses. The cleanup company's bid should list the costs of these various services, including:

  • Smoke, debris and odor removal
  • Content cleaning and restoration
  • Reconstruction
  • Storage
  • Roof replacement
  • Window and door board-up
  • Security guards

You actually may get two separate estimates from the contractor. The restoration project manager will calculate the costs of emergency services such as cleaning and packing equipment. The reconstruction project manager, meanwhile, will assess how much of the property was damaged, and how much it will cost to reconstruct those areas.

Picking the Right Bid
After a fire, you may have several restoration companies competing for your services. Don't just pick the one with the lowest estimate, especially if that bid seems too good to be true. It's likely that this company's bid is so low because it outsources the bulk of the work to other companies. Once the costs of these subcontractors are added to your bill, it could quickly skyrocket.
Instead, choose a restoration business that keeps the entire process in-house. A one-stop-shop contractor will likely provide a more accurate bid from the start. The overall cost of the claim should be lower, as well. Using a full-service company also helps the claims process go more smoothly since your insurer won't have to talk to various sub-contractors.
A restoration company will calculate the cost of various services such as roof replacement, security, and storage before providing an estimate. Ideally, you should choose the professionals who promise to do all of the work themselves, even if their bid is a bit higher.

What To Expect When Fire Damages Your Home

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a home Fire Damage in Glenpool, OK

It’s difficult to imagine your home being affected by a fire, yet over 400 thousand homes each year experience fire damage. A fire can cause devastation, not only from smoke and fire but also water from the pressurized fire hose. If you’ve had a home fire, it’s important to consult with a fire remediation service to begin the cleanup process. This discussion may prepare you for what to expect during this phase.

What Will Cleanup Entail?

Professional cleanup crews will work quickly to sort, clean, and restore your personal property. Your homeowner’s insurance policy is likely to cover a good portion of the cleanup and reimburse you for a percentage of your losses. The following are examples of how the crews will handle your belongings.

Carpets, upholstered furniture, and other porous items may not be salvageable if they are compromised by fire damage. If water-damaged, these items will undergo numerous processes intended to dry, sanitize, and restore them.
Your documents, books and other paper-based items are challenging to restore, but they may be able to be taken off-site for specialized drying, cleaning, and pressing.
Electronic items, such as computers, will be dehydrated and repaired if not compromised by heat.

Your input and supervision are important to the cleanup process and will generally be welcomed by the technicians.

Why Hire Experts?
If your damage from fire and water is minimal, you may feel hiring experts is unnecessary. It can still be helpful to have a consultation with an expert to help outline the process. If you have significant fire damage, hiring fire-cleanup experts is strongly recommended. They are specially trained to use safety measures that protect you and your property. Cleanup crews will work quickly to take care of your belongings before mold and other forms of secondary damage can occur. Hiring professionals is generally the quickest and most stress-free strategy.
If your Glenpool, OK, home has sustained smoke, fire, or water damage, you are likely experiencing a stressful time. Having a better understanding of the cleanup process may help you make good decisions about what will work best for restoring your beloved home to its previous condition.

Handling Water Damage After a Fire

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo. Water cleanup is simply part of the process.

As homeowners in Tulsa, OK, you understand that fire causes mass destruction. Is water cleanup something that really should be added to the list, though? Shouldn't you be more concerned with the smoke and blackened ceiling? While you may not place the wetness at the top of your list, it is a repercussion of the event. Yes, it does require proper attention. Neglecting it could only make the situation worse.

1. Why Is It Wet?
When the flames set, most likely you called 911, allowing the fire department to quench the blaze. To do that, those experts had to take certain actions such as break windows or make holes in the roof or walls. Why hurt something more? After all, smoke cleanup is enough to handle? It allows the smoke to escape and provides oxygen, slowing the fire's development. In addition, your sprinkler system should have gone off, mitigating the overall harm. Finally, the fire fighter's used hoses to spray it all down, ensuring the conflagration didn't start by up again. Hence, you now have walls that look a bit like Swiss cheese; plus, they're dripping wet. It's normal and necessary.

2. How Do You Fix Water Damage?
Washing away smoke is one thing. Dealing with water cleanup is also serious. If the moisture sits too long, fungal spores can react with it, establishing a new home within the charred drywall. For this reason, collaborate with a fire and water restoration company. They can secure the building, preventing further humidity and dry out the premises, evaluating for any suspected mold growth.

3. What About the Smoke and Odor?
With the dampness gone, the fire cleanup can begin. Crews sanitize the space, even deodorizing the rooms. The holes get patched back up, new paint is added and lost items are replaced.
Yes, water cleanup is simply part of the process. Don't overlook it, as it needs attention. With it completed and the right team on your side, your place can reopen.

Biggest Reasons House Fires Start

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

Electrical fire Electrical fires are a common reason for fire cleaning

You probably hear and see stories on the news about house fires. Unfortunately, there are not uncommon occurrences. When you learn about these incidents, you probably become more concerned about your family and what you would do in the event of a home fire. The best scenario is if a fire never starts on your property. As you become aware of the typical causes of these disasters, you can take steps to prevent them.

Problems in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is an important part of your home. Like most people in Glenpool, OK, you spend a lot of time here cooking, eating and visiting. The problem is, it's also one of the biggest culprits of a home fire. The following kitchen issues can start fires:

  • Too much grease in pans
  • People leaving on stoves or ovens
  • Keeping flammable materials too close to ranges
  • Leaving the kitchen while something is cooking on the stove

Whether it's a romantic candlelit dinner or a nice scented candle to create a nice atmosphere, candles can be a wonderful addition to any room. They are also a big reason for fire causes. Make sure your candles are up higher enough that small children and pets cannot get to them. Always put out candles when leaving the room for more than a minute or two. Also, make sure candles are far away from paper and other materials that could easily catch fire.

Electrical Issues
Electrical fires are a common reason for fire cleaning. Professional fire remediation crews often come to homes to restore rooms after electrical problems started a fire. Never plug too many cords in a single outlet or power strip. Have an electrician inspect your electrical systems regularly. Make sure you secure loose wires and replace faulty electrical equipment as soon as possible.
A home fire can be devastating. Keep these leading causes in mind so you can avoid possible tragedy.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Dryer

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

Vacuum cleaning a flexible aluminum dryer vent hose, to remove lint and prevent fire hazard. Clean out regularly the hose of your dryer

Ways To A Prevent A Lint Fire In Your Home

Not many people enjoy doing their laundry. Between the time it takes to wash, dry, and put away your clothes, it may seem like hours before it is all done. This is especially true if it takes a long time for your clothes to dry in the dryer. If it takes more than one cycle, then it's likely time to clean out your dryer and hose. This can help prevent a lint fire in your home in Glenpool, OK.

Clean the Lint Screen

You should clean the lint screen after every load, but sometimes, the lint screen can stop trapping the lint. This can happen because of buildup from several sources:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Fabric softeners
  • Laundry detergent

To find out if your lint screen is clogged, run some water over it. If the water collects on the screen instead of running through, then it needs to be cleaned. You should also vacuum underneath and around the lint screen.

Clean Out the Hose

The hose that connects the back of your dryer to the outside of your home can get clogged with lint too. To prevent a lint fire, clean it out regularly as well. You should be able to easily detach the hose from the back of the dryer and from the hole in the wall. You might be able to stick your arm through, or you can take a broom handle or something similar to push the lint through.

Inside of the Dryer

Every once in a while, you should have a professional come and vacuum out the inside of your dryer. The lint can build up around the drum and at the bottom. This leads to a high risk of a dryer fire. If you notice longer drying times and you have already cleaned out the hose and lint screen, then it may be time to have the dryer itself vacuumed out.
These things can help prevent a lint fire. If you do experience a dryer fire, you can count on your fire repair specialists to help repair the fire damage and get your home back to normal.

What To Expect After a Fire in Your Home

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

A burned house inside House fire in Broken Arrow, OK

A home fire can cause tremendous upheaval for homeowners and family members. Once the emergency has subsided, the focus will begin to shift to fire damage cleanup and restoration. Before cleanup can begin, some safety concerns will be addressed. Here is what you can expect.

Safety Inspection

After the fire is extinguished, fire responders will inspect and assess the structure for safety. They will look at three primary areas to determine whether it is safe for cleanup crews to enter.

  • Safety Hazards – Hazards will be identified and may need to be removed from the structure.
  • Structural Integrity – The building’s main construction will be inspected for stability, and dangerous areas will likely be cordoned off until structural integrity is restored.
  • Electrical System – The electrical will likely be disconnected until the water from the firefight can be removed.

The Inspection phase of the process establishes that your home is stable enough for you to enter it with a fire official.

Fire and Smoke Damage Survey

If you are cleared to enter your home, you will have a walk-through to view the fire damage and ask questions about the fire damage restoration process. This important step can prepare you for working with the professionals that will assist you with next phase.
Helpful Professionals

With an overview of the damage, you can contact your insurance agent to inquire about your coverage. Your agent will likely be able to refer you to a local fire remediation service. Fire cleanup is a complex process and requires specialized training and methods so your property can be cleaned, dried and restored as safely as possible.

Experiencing a fire in your Broken Arrow, OK, home can bring significant disarray to your life. In the first few hours after a fire, you can rely on emergency responders, your insurance agent and your fire damage cleanup crews to help you move forward. One step at a time, they will ensure your home and your belongings—and ultimately your peace of mind—are restored “Like it never even happened.”

4 Alternatives to Using Real Candles

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Battery-operated candles are more than likely the best way to create the mood you’re wanting

Candles set the mood for romance and give off the feeling of calm and comfort. The scents bring back memories of good times, whether it’s grandma baking cookies or your childhood home surrounded by flowers. The use of candles comes down to two things: ambiance and scent, but the reality is that candles are dangerous. The romantic memories you’re trying to create could turn into images you don’t want to remember.
The National Fire Protection Association states that between 2012 and 2016, fire departments in Broken Arrow, OK, and others in the U.S., responded to an estimated 8,200 home structures created by candle fire. Alternatives for candles are the best bet and will continue to keep the mood, the scent and your home safe.

Here are Four Candle Alternatives to Try


Flameless or battery-operated candles are more than likely the best way to create the mood you’re wanting. This alternative to real candles comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, and you can choose the option of flicker or no flicker.

Table lamps may not be an idea that comes to mind. However, changing out a lampshade can make the difference between brightening up a room or darkening the area enough to set off a feeling of serenity.


Reed or stick infusers are glass bottle containers with sticks that are used to distribute the smell. The oil soaks the sticks and the fragrance permeates the air.

Flowers are a natural alternative to candles. Bouquets of your favorite blossoms not only brighten a room but also engulf the area with a fresh, clean scent.

The certainty is that candle alternatives are the best way to prevent a devastating fire from occurring. If you have questions about the risks of candles, a fire damage assessment specialist can give you a better idea of the havoc a fire will cause. Form memories to last a lifetime and keep your family and home safe by using candle alternatives.

5 Cleaning Methods for Smoke Damage

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can restore your office items

Cleaning Processes That May Be Recommended

If your company in Woodland Hills, OK, has suffered from smoke damage, Then you may be wondering what the best way to clean and restore your office items are. According to many fire damage restoration professionals there are several methods, from dry-cleaning to immersion, and each one is designed for a different purpose. Here are a few cleaning processes that may be recommended.

1. Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is perhaps what is most commonly thought of when it comes to washing away smoke damage. It involves using a liquid cleaner on heavier damaged areas.

2. Spray and Wipe

In many cases the content cleaning of solid materials, such as desks or filing cabinets, can be done with the spray and wipe method. It's usually done using a spray cleaner and wiping it off with a rag. After cleaning you may want to move items to content storage until repairs can be completed.

3. Dry-cleaning

Using this method is primarily for items that need to be pre-treated, those sensitive to wet cleaners, or items that need only a light bit of cleaning. The process may involve a spray cleaner or powder depending on the item and damage type.

4. Immersion Cleaning

In some cases smoke damaged items will need to be immersed in a cleaner. Depending on the damage level the item may either be left to soak or simply dipped so it can be completely submerged in the cleaner before being washed off.

5. Foam Cleaning

This method is usually used when dealing with upholstery is that might react poorly to liquid cleaners. A special foam is used to avoid soaking the fabric, and can effectively remove any smoke odor the fire may have left behind.

The cleaning style your restoration professional uses to restore your office items may depend on the item type and the degree of damage. Light damage may be removed with the dry-cleaning process, while some items made need to be immersed in the cleaner for a time to properly rid of any smoke or soot damage. Others can be simply sprayed with the solution and wiped off.

Prepare To Keep Pets Safe in a Home Fire

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Include your pet in the event of a fire event

For most people, pets are more than just animals; they are a valuable part of the family. A lot of work and love goes into keeping them safe and cared for. You have likely given thought and preparation to taking care of your family in case of a fire, but what can be done to protect your pets in the event of a fire emergency?

Tips for Emergency Pet Preparation

Pets should not be an afterthought, but a planned-for part of the family. Thought should be given to their wellbeing in advance to keep them safe.

  • Keep all shots and vaccinations up to date and keep records in a portable firebox
  • Make sure the person responsible for pet safety in a fire knows how to get them out
  • Have an emergency bag handy with your pet’s normal food and snacks, water, medications and a couple of calming toys or a favorite old blanket inside for comfort
  • Help prevent pet-started fires by using only flameless candles, removing any stovetop or oven control knobs a pet could turn, and making sure they are crated or kenneled when home alone.

Ideas for Evacuation

When it comes to your pet, preparation is important. Each person should be assigned one other person to help get out of the house in case of a fire emergency. The same goes for removing pets from the home. It is a good idea to run practice fire evacuation drills now and again to help your family learn how they can get out quickly from any room. Include pets in this drill and make sure people know what to do to ensure pet safety.

Following a fire emergency, the trauma of smoke and fire damage can affect the whole family, even the pets. Getting the cleanup done quickly will help everyone feel better. Engaging the services of fire remediation experts in Glenpool, OK, can help expedite that process and relieve some of the distress.

What do you do after a fire?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage can be devastating to your business.

After you experience a fire, you may be overwhelmed and unsure about what to do.

Whenever you experience things such as fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage, you will be in need of repairing your property.

Your property getting damaged from a fire can be a bit difficult to cope with at first, there are solutions to this problem. The most effective way to deal with the negative effects of a fire is to contact a restoration company that provides fire damage restoration.

A restoration service company will come to your property to help your resolve any problems that occur from commercial fire damage such as eliminating a smoke smell. They will also address a fire in home or fire in business by providing fire cleanup services.

Restoration service companies will also board up your house or building to provide the protection it needs during the restoration process.

How do I use a fire extinguisher?

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Three steps to follow when using an extinguisher

3 Easy Steps to Follow When Using An Extinguisher 

Here are 3 easy steps you should follow when using an extinguisher to put out a fire in your home.

  1. Identify Your Evacuation Path - The last thing you want to do is focus so much on putting out the fire that you become trapped in the blaze. Take a moment to look around you and ensure you have a safe escape route to use as needed before pulling out the extinguisher.
  2. Follow Instructions on Extinguisher - Fortunately, most extinguishers come with easy-to-read instructions printed directly on them. Follow the instructions and make sure you discharge the extinguisher within the effective range listed on the container. 
  3. Back Away From the Fire - It’s possible for a kitchen fire to flare up again even after you’ve put parts of it out, so make sure you back away from extinguished flames instead of moving toward them. 

Once the fire is safely put out with a fire extinguisher, call your local fire damage restoration company in Tulsa, OK. They can help repair and restore your home after fire damage has occurred. 

For more information, visit

Establishing a Furnace Maintenance Schedule

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Keep maintenance to your furnace

As the weather starts getting colder, you will probably start wanting to switch from air conditioning to the heater in your home. To ensure that you can do so safely, however, you need to perform preventative maintenance on your furnace before you use it as well as having it professionally inspected at the end of the cold season. Fire cleaning experts recommend the following steps to get your furnace ready for regular use.


The first thing you want to do is to make sure your furnace and all its components are free of dust, which can ignite a fire when the heat is turned on and leave you looking for smoke cleaning services. The three main components to clean are:

  • Filter
  • Motor
  • Blower

Check the filter to see if it is clean. If not, change it. In fact, it’s a good idea to change the filter every month when the furnace is running continuously. Inspect each component inside and remove dust with a toothbrush or some other fine-toothed cleaning apparatus.


The need for fire cleaning can be avoided if you schedule any necessary repairs before turning the heater on. For example, if the belts look brittle or torn, they need to be replaced. Both the blower and the motor have belts, and all of them need to be strong for the furnace to work properly.


Many furnace motors are sealed by the manufacturer with the necessary lubrication already included. Some, however, have oil ports, and these motors require the occasional addition of lubricant. It doesn’t take a lot of motor oil to keep the furnace running smoothly. Just add a couple of drops to each port, and that should do the trick. A well-oiled motor is a happy motor that keeps your furnace operating efficiently throughout the colder months.

It’s smart to check your furnace before its first use of the year and after its last use. It is easier to keep it clean and well lubricated with intact parts than it is to hire fire cleaning experts in Tulsa, OK, when dust and grime cause sparks.

What To Know About Dryer Lint

12/30/2018 (Permalink)

Lint from the screen should be removed after each use

To help avoid a lint fire in your Glenpool, OK, home, many professionals recommend regular maintenance of your dryer. Fortunately, there are many maintenance steps you can perform yourself. During this process there are several things you may want to consider about lint removal from your dryer.

Where To Clean

Removing lint in order to avoid a dryer fire involves cleaning several locations.

  • The lint screen
  • The screen vent
  • The exterior vent
  • The exhaust hose
  • The dryer back
  • Behind the back panel

If you’re going to do more than wipe off the lint screen, it’s important to unplug your dryer first.

When To Clean

Many experts recommend deep cleaning your dryer at least once a year in order to avoid the build up that can lead to a lint fire. If your dryer seems unusually hot during use, or if your clothes regularly fail to dry fully, you may want to perform a clean then as well. If problems persist then it’s recommended to contact a professional. It’s also recommended to clear the lint screen after every use.

Why Clean

Every year fire damage restoration services conduct repairs to homes that experiences a fire due to lint built up. When lint accumulates inside the dryer it can cause the appliance to overheat. This is turn can lead to a fire made worse by lint’s flammable nature. Keeping your dryer clean is one way to help avoid this type of fire in your home.

Regularly removing lint from your dryer can help prevent a lint fire in your home. You could consider cleaning all the areas of your dryer including the exhaust hose and exterior vent. The dryer should be cleaned at least once a year, and lint from the screen should be removed after each use. If you think your machine is malfunctioning it’s best to call in a professional.

"Stay Safe While Warming Your Home With Space Heaters"

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Look for safety features when you buy a heater

Numerous household fires happen every year because of a burned space heater. Although heaters are useful tools for providing comfort to homes, some common mistakes lead to about 25,000 home fires a year, and about 6,000 people are treated for related burns. Avoid these common mistakes and look for safety features when you buy a heater.

Most Common Mistakes That Lead to a Burned Heater

These cozy appliances have come a long way in the past several years, but they can still cause fires when used inappropriately. Protect your home and family by using the heaters according to manufacturer instructions and avoid some of the most common mistakes.

  • Leaving the heater running without supervision
  • Neglecting to change the filter
  • Putting the heater too close to curtains and other flammable items

Safety Features That Prevent Heater Fires

When it's time to upgrade a burned space heater, look for some of these features:

  • A safety certification label from Underwriters Laboratories or other independent testing organizations
  • Shut-off sensors including one that switches the heater off when temperatures rise too high or a sensor that switches the heater off when it's knocked over
  • 6-foot long cords for plenty of flexibility

Helpful Tips for Safe Use of Space Heaters

The best habits to use when you're running a heater in your home include:

  • Do place heaters on a sturdy, level, nonflammable surface.
  • Do leave at least three feet of room around the heater where pets and children cannot enter.
  • Do keep all combustible materials away.
  • Do unplug the appliance when it's not in use.
  • Do install smoke alarms in your home.
  • Don't use extension cords with residential space heaters.
  • Don't run heaters near water.
  • Don't use the appliance near flammable substances, such as paint and cleaners.
  • Don't plug other devices into the same outlet as the heater.

Fortunately, a home fire from a burned space heater can be resolved. There are many resources in Tulsa, OK, to help homeowners recover from fires, such as smoke cleanup professionals and local chapters of humanitarian agencies, such as the American Red Cross.

A Homeowners Guide to Fire Extinguishers

7/21/2018 (Permalink)

Arm yourself with the right tools to prevent and put out a house fire in Tulsa, OK.

As a homeowner in Tulsa, OK, you are an expert in many areas. When it comes to fire preparedness, you know the importance of having an escape plan, keeping functioning smoke detectors at every level of your home and having a fire extinguisher in case of a home fire. However, do you know which type of extinguisher is best? Do you know what information is relevant when buying a fire extinguisher? Here is a guide to help you decide.

Know the ABCs of Fire Extinguishers

There are many classes of extinguishers, some for residential and others for commercial properties. Each class works best for a different type of fire, and some combine to combat more than one type of fire. Those best for the home setting include a combination of the three classes:

• Class A rating extinguishers work best on fires involving trash, paper, wood, plastics and textiles. The container holds the chemical monoammonium phosphate.
• Class B rating extinguishers are for flammable liquids, such as grease, oil, paint, kerosene or gasoline. This also uses monoammonium phosphate, with the addition of sodium bicarbonate.
• Class C rating extinguishers are used in electrical fires and also use both monoammonium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate. Class C extinguishers do not conduct electricity.

Other Considerations

• The numbers that proceed the class rating refer to effectiveness and area covered by the contents of the canister. The larger the number, the larger the area it covers.
• Extinguishers come in different sizes. Buy the largest one that you can independently operate. A 5 pound canister is a good choice to keep in the laundry room or kitchen, while a 10 pound extinguisher would be better for a garage.

Arm yourself with the right tools to prevent and put out a house fire in Tulsa, OK. Use a fire extinguisher to combat a home fire only when the fire is caught early and contained. If the fire has spread, promptly exit to safety and call 911. When fire damage occurs, contact a fire restoration specialist and your homeowner’s insurance agent as soon as possible. Ask for guidance on returning your home to pre-fire condition. For more information, visit

Say Farewell to Cigarette Smoke in Your Home With These Tips

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Though these steps are effective in milder cases, in more severe cases, you may need to call in the professionals.

Not much is worse than the smell of lingering cigarette smoke in a home or building. If you recently purchased a home that is contaminated by the smell of nicotine, or if you have recently quit smoking and want to free your home from the odors of your past habit for good, there are a few home deodorization tips you need to know. Before you get started, however, there are a few supplies you need to gather:

• Baking soda
• A gallon of vinegar
• Clean towels
• A bucket
• A strainer
• An ozone machine (in extreme cases)

Wash Fabrics With Vinegar

If you’ve ever been to a bonfire or spent even an hour in a smoke-infested environment, you know how badly cigarette smoke can affect fabrics. The first step toward freeing your home of the odors of nicotine is to wash any easily removable fabrics, such as drapes, blankets and bedding, in warm water and vinegar.

Clean the Carpets

While your linens are in the wash, sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda over your home’s carpet and upholstered furniture. The best way to do this is to dump baking soda into a strainer and sprinkle it throughout your home. Let the baking soda sit for 30 to 60 minutes, and then vacuum it up.

Wash the Walls and Hard Surfaces

While you’re waiting for your carpets and upholstery to absorb the baking soda, move on to the next phase of home deodorization: cleaning the hard surfaces. Mix 75 percent vinegar with 25 percent warm water and scrub the solution on all of your home’s hard surfaces. Only file one-third to one-half of your bucket at a time, as the water will get dirty. You don’t need to be meticulous in this step, as even a light layer of vinegar removes the smoke odor.

Though these steps are effective in milder cases, in more severe cases, you may need to call in the professionals. A Tulsa, OK, smoke remediation team can use an ozone machine to rid your home of the worst of the smell, and a local contractor can seal your home deodorization efforts with a fresh coat of pain. For more information, visit

Getting the Process in High Gear

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

After the initial steps, the process of fire restoration can begin.

A professional company will come to the spaces where the electrical fire or utility room fire took place. They will also look at specifics such as a fire sprinkler system to see where water damage may have taken place in the aftermath of fire damage. They will also look closely at any prior fire suppression methods that have been used in the space and not worked before.

A professional can help with a specific plan to address the commercial fire damage to all the spaces in the area. Then they can help develop a smoke cleaning plan. This plan will include a complete cleaning of all areas that have been touched by the fire. The fire may have caused other problems such as areas that still contain traces of smoke and soot. These spaces need to completely cleaned in order to make sure it's easy for the business owner to open again.

Visit SERVPRO of South Tulsa County for more information about fire restoration.

How the Fire Restoration is Completed

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

Professionals will remove all water logged areas of the damaged room.

They will also remove any areas of the space that have been damaged by ash, soot and fire. This may involve throwing out items that have been damaged in the fire and cannot be salvaged. The professionals may have to set aside an entire area around the property to help dispose of any items that are damaged.

After that, it's time to think about future fire suppression methods. Future fire suppression methods will focus on making sure that each areas of the office space is no longer vulnerable to any sort of fire. In many instances, new systems will be installed in the space. These can help alert the owner that potentially hazardous conditions may exist in the space and need the owner's personal attention.

Let the experts of SERVPRO of South Tulsa County restore your home after a fire.

Getting Help From a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

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After a property catches fire, there will likely be a lot of considerable damage.

After a fire occurs, property owners will often have to deal with the negative effects of fire damage. As well as experiencing this, they will also have to deal with things such as soot damage, smoke damage and a smoke smell.

In order to address a fire in home or a fire in business, property owners will benefit by getting fire damage restoration. They will be in position to address commercial fire damage more efficiently thanks to the assistance provided by a restoration company.

When looking to help property owners, restoration service companies will do a number of things to protect and restore the property. These companies will have professionals that will board up parts of a home or commercial building and then eliminate debris and clean it with fire cleanup. As a result, property owners will be in position to more easily recover from a fire.

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Call the fire department before using the extinguisher.

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If you’re a responsible homeowner, you probably have at least one fire extinguisher in your house.

Ideally, you should have one within easy access of all fire hazards (kitchens, furnace rooms and laundry rooms are all great places to keep them). While owning at least one extinguisher is an important step toward protecting your home from fire damage, it’s equally important to make sure you know when to use it. 

1. Call the Fire Department

When there’s a fire in your home, your first reaction may be to pull out the closest fire extinguisher and put it out. However, if the fire is large, it’s important to call the fire department first. Then, if it’s safe to do so, you can attempt to put the fire out yourself while the fire truck is on the way.

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