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I am writing this letter to recommend the services of SERVPRO of South Tulsa County. We needed their services after the November 8, 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County. Our Church, Paradise Alliance Church survived the fire that took out 90% of Paradise’s homes and businesses. We knew from the beginning our building stood for a reason, and we knew our campus which spans out on 14 acres would be key to the recovery of our Town of Paradise. We contacted SERVPRO and they immediately went to work. We then realized that Christmas was coming and it could be pivotal for the beginning of the healing process of our Town if we could hold services at the church on Christmas Eve. The Town was shut down to all people except service crews who were restoring power and natural gas. We were able to get the SERVPRO crews up to work on the church. We as a church planned a Christmas Eve Service with Town, County, State Officials, Samaritan’s Purse, My Pillow, and Panera Beard. Christmas Eve would be the first time our Town could be in Paradise and be together. SERVPRO thoroughly cleaned our main auditorium which seats 1,400 people and our gym well before our Christmas Eve services. Because of SERVPRO’s work, we hosted 3 Christmas Eve Services with around 3,500 people attending. Everyone in attendance received $50 gift card, 2-My Pillows, toys and stuffed animals from Samaritan’s Purse and a dinner box from Panera Bread. I can’t thank SERVPRO enough! None of this would’ve been possible without the diligent work of SERVPRO! SERVPRO Director, John Rowland, is one of the most honest, thorough, and meticulous project managers I’ve ever worked with. The whole company reflects his integrity and work ethic. I can’t write enough praise about their service. Great daily communication, skilled labor and the easiest foremen to work with. They listen and accommodate. 

Tim Bolin Executive Pastor

To Whom It May Concern:

SERVPRO was called to Keystone School for a flooding incident that involved a large area of our Elementary School.  They responded immediately and within hours had several large trucks with equipment on location to help remedy the situation.  The flood reached our main office area as well as our lobby and several classrooms.

The flood happened on a Saturday and by Monday morning, everybody that wasn't aware of the flood, had no idea that it ever happened.  They used several dehumidifiers and a lot of fans to try out the carpet and walls.  They were there early Monday morning to help set everything back in its place.  This allowed us to have no interferences with our school day.  They returned after school to set everything back out until every part was moisture free.

They did an  outstanding job for us, and I can confidently recommend SERVPRO as a professional and reliable company.


 Rhett Bynum

Thank you SERVPRO! Got my home back to normal again after a water leak in my kitchen.

Very quick and knowledgeable! Awesome team, thanks SERVPRO!

Would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!

The best restoration company Tulsa has to offer these guys brng the extra care and service

First class service from start to finish. Both Dave and Scott have stayed in constant communication with me. Their team has done outstanding work and has always treated everyone very professionally.

SERVPRO has been working on my apartment building as a unit caught on fire recently and the guy who came to my unit to talk to me about what would be done was super nice and friendly.

Thankful for a great experience.  They were very professional and polite.  The work looks great and process was seamless. 

SERVPRO made the experience easy.  They were very professional and we are super impressed by the services provided. 

I don't think we could have asked for anything better.  They did excellent work and were at our home countless hours to finish quickly. 

We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with.  They did excellent work and very professional.  They treated us as if we were family. 

I had a great experience with SERVPRO.  We are very thankful for a great company at this time.  They were very caring and knowledgeable about the process. 

The service from SERVPRO is exceptional.  We were satisfied 100%.  We would defiantly use them in the future. 

We couldn't be more pleased with the work and professionalism from a great company.  SERVPRO is a 10!

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  They were very professional and the work looks great!

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  Thank you!

Great work and Great Company!  SERVPRO offers outstanding Customer Service.  The process was seamless and couldn't have asked for anything better. 

We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  The work looked great and the process was seamless.  Great Job.

I could not have asked for a better experience.  They were great to work with and we would recommend to anyone who needs their services in the future. 

We had a great experience with SERVPRO. They were great to work with and the work done looks great.

We couldn't have asked for a better company to work for during this time.  They went above and beyond our expectations. 

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  They were a 10 in our books! Thank you!

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  They responded to our home quickly and the work looks great. 

I want to thank you and your outstanding team for the excellent work you did in restoring my house after the fire. You have certainly exceeded my expectations and responded to each of my concerns in a timely manner and resolved those concerns.

Personally I know you fulfilled the "like it never happened" but I also realize the house could not have been this beautiful when it was built sixty years ago.

When the sprinkler system went off at my office, I knew there was going to be some major problems. Thankfully there was not a fire, but the water damage was extensive. One phone call to your team and the damage seemed not so bad. You are true professionals and I want to personally offer my gratitude for a job well done. They got us back up and running in no time! For Tulsa water damage repair in OKC give them a call.

Rob and Jack were complemented for their awesome service by Mr. McFadden! Great job guys! SERVPRO of South Tulsa always takes great care of my insured clients!

SERVPRO of South Tulsa has helped keep our Customers happy and stress free with their claim process.

I bought an old camper trailer that had been sitting for a while unused. Apparently it had been sitting in a wet environment with some pretty high grass. I say this because there was mold damage all along the outside of the camper. I thought just taking it down to the local car wash. But it became obvious that I needed something better than that to repair it. Thankfully your company was there to assess the problem and get it fixed for me without a big hassle or a lot of money. Mold Damage Tulsa.

Everyone was very nice!

SERVPRO answered my late night home emergency, and were quick to arrive. I appreciated the prompt solution and reasonable prices. I refer everyone I know that has remediation needs

John was Great on my Tulsa Water damage project!

"since this was our first ever water leak problem the SERVPRO staff was very kind and understanding of our situation and that made us not feel alone during the clean up process."

Great Job!

Ronnie was very concerned and helpful. Great Job, and Very Pleased!

Great customer service and very friendly!

Very pleased with SERVPRO of South Tulsa customer service.

I can't say enough how very polite, courteous, and helpful SERVPRO was!

In 2015 Reasor’s began working closely with SERVPRO to develop protocols for disastrous situations that occur in our stores from time to time. Broken sprinkler heads are an uncommon form these disasters can take, but in every instance where we’ve utilized the services of SERVPRO, the results and outcome have been outstanding! I am a firm believer that SERVPRO can assist with such catastrophes, and they will provide clean-up solutions that would have become a significant challenge within.