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Flooding: 5 Alternatives to the Sand Bag

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Red and white plastic barriers blocking the road Plastic barriers

List Of Options In The Market

If your business is located in a flood zone, flooding and flood damage are a constant threat to your property. Until recently, the flood prevention standby was the tried-and-true, pre-filled sand bag. It's both inexpensive and widely available. However, as anyone who's tried to lift one knows, at over 28 pounds, it's weighty, unwieldy and labor-intensive. After a flood, the accumulated dirt, bacteria, sewage and other environmental contaminants require its disposal at a designated hazardous materials site.
Today, there are more effective and less polluting alternatives to create protective flood dams around your property. Here's a short list of options now on the market:

  • Transportable Flood Fence Barriers: Best used before a storm, these moveable, multi-sized tubing chains allow water to flow inside. They can be arranged into a defensive perimeter (large or small) around your property to safely fence it from floodwaters.
  • Plastic Poly Tube Flood Barrier: Based on the same concept as a sand bag, these easy to use large tubes can be filled with many substances, most commonly dirt. Once filled, they're long, high and effective.
  • Inflatable Dam: By placing the uninflated dam around your property and (with a hose) filling it with water, you're able to construct a stable, tall flood barrier. It's designed to keep even high floodwaters out.
  • HydraBarrier: Manufactured with thick vinyl, each barrier is 6-feet long by 10-inches wide by 6-inches high and can be placed wherever needed. One HydraBarrier equals 4 sand bags.
  • NoFloods Barriers: This very large, inflatable dam is lightweight, flexible and adaptable to your property's configuration. Filled with air and water, this option was successfully tested in 2014 during severe flooding in Europe.

Many disposal and non-disposable sand bag alternatives are on the market to suit the needs of smaller business properties in Bixby, OK. Stormbags, flood bags, Absorbeez, Sorbarix, FloodSax, Hydrosack and Aqua-Sac are state-of-the-art variations that are super-absorbent, lightweight and easy to place at vulnerable locations, such as doorways. It's worth taking a look at the available high-tech products that give business owners new, improved ways of protecting their property from ruinous flooding.

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